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After watching that video and what he said, that's just heartbreaking, these are troll-motivated attacks, to anyone else sounds familiar, another porn site like Palcomix also suffered when hackers destroyed their forums. Well, commissions are paid services but trolls prefer cheaper or if not free requests, if they can't get what they want, they will get the way they want it, to see you dead! Sigh, I wish those hackers & trolls rather hack and destroy Spongebob Squarepants instead.

And of course again, with the laziness of the stupid admins via their infamous Copy & Paste on policies to give "reasons", it's still nothing but an excuse instead. The straight out ban came from the lack-of-sleep and drowsy admins who can't get their brains straight. OR it might be when some guy told me that DA’s report system is run by a machine not by a group of people anymore. Still, even machines can do wrong things, especially it has no dedicated A.I. in it.

Tsitra is NOT 14-bis :icon14-bis: , yeah, his artworks are almost similar to 14-bis when he made the illustrations with similar styles of coloring & shading, I know 14-bis used to draw some art with (mild) panty shots before, I'm also a watcher of him too, but as time passes, he also grows up, that means he may have jobs or if not the job makes him more busy than ever, making fanarts less likely as I notice he's very more focused on creating both fanarts & original ideas. He was banned in the past, but he managed a negotiation and it was a success and gave a 2nd chance too, there wasn't a "Deactivation" feature before. So therefore, Tsitra do not deserve such attacks, it's a scandal when they attack an innocent illustrator and even there's no proof that he possesses porn materials. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! You admins set corrupted and unfair policies before, and now you're abusing your power for the wrong reasons? Again?

As I read through the EQD comments, wow, have to mention that infamous (Sorry, He-who-must-NOT-be-mentioned, I cannot dare to reveal his name) guy, well, here we are folks, that guy who abuse his power when he was the one who founded the war against cartoon porn back in 2005 - 2007, many of the "panty shots" & softcore stuff gets purged everywhere, imagine our MLP artworks featuring the Mane 6 and Princesses in lingerie, they will be purged as well. As other victims gather together to talk things out, I was there, we found that He-who-must-NOT-be-mentioned is responsible, he hates porn but he got porn in his folder. But let's forget that war I mentioned, gladly the storm died out, but the haunting still stays, the most infamous inequality is the rules being watched a lot more is on the cartoon site, panty shots and anything that claims to be explicit are always heavily watched, whereas Fetish Photography (Or I call them porn photography) always remain scot-free and untouched, they can run around doing all sorts of dirty stuff while the cartoon side still remain watched. Yeah, we saw mother characters get naked before, but come on, isn't those porn photography consider as art when those photograhers actually taking advantage of DA's flawed policy? We must have a fair share of equality so that both side can benefit and equally watched for offenders. Or let's make it easier, it may not be the best option for all but it's for the sake of everyone else who debated this for years, it's to eliminate ALL porn, no photos featuring panties, models posing in lingerie or showing private parts and such. And fanarts too, whether it's from a TV show or original art or anime, either it's from young girls or adult ladies, underwear and explicit artworks will be gone too, a safe haven for kids too without finding anything naughty and whining towards the "Report" button.

All in all, this is still just as insulting of how we lost JanAnimation to Hasbro's abusive legal department (I wish they still apply a job in Apple Inc. instead)


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